Monday, August 25, 2008

The list: 101 in 1001

End date: May 25, 2011

Bold indicates completed item
Italics indicates item in progress

1. Travel to Venezuela
2. Travel to Italy
3. Visit Mexico
4. Go to Celebration in the Oaks (New Orleans)
5. Weekend trip to San Antonio
6. Weekend trip to Dallas
7. Go to Wurtzfest in New Braunfels
8. Get passport
9. Climb Enchanted Rock
10. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley
11. Weekend trip to San Fransisco
12. Stay overnight in the Keys
13. Make a detailed plan to visit Scotland
14. Buy new laptop
15. Change name on credit cards
16. Change name on bank account
17. Pay off credit cards
18. Start an emergency fund with $500
19. Use only cash for 30 days
20. Donate $5 to a non-profit for each unfinished 101 item
21. Start 401(K)
22. Complete china set
23. Paint kitchen
24. Paint living room

25. Paint office
26. Decorate office
27. Start and maintain herb garden
28. Strip and paint old mirror
29. Finish decorating living room
30. Wash and clean out car every week for one month
31. Install drawer pulls in kitchen
32. Purchase fire/waterproof safe
33. Put important documents in safe
34. Order "Est." sign
35. Get an indoor plant and keep it alive for 6 months
36. Decorate for Christmas
37. Decorate for Halloween
38. Decorate for Thanksgiving

39. Update and maintain Emergency Supply kit
40. Watch sunset with husband
41. Watch sunrise with husband
42. Order wedding photos
43. Take family portrait
44. Go on 20 date nights with husband (8/20)
45. Personal item, tyvm
46. Get a couple's massage
47. Get a professional headshot taken
48. Talk to B-school people
49. Submit B-school application(s)
50. Take MCAT
51. Write on blog 3 times a week for one month
52. Read 10 new books (6/10)
53. See an exhibit at the Blanton
54. See a play
55. Go to the ballet
56. Take 2 mental health days and spend them outside of the house doing unusual activities
57. Blog about each 101 item
58. Journal a happy moment each day for one year (starting 01-01-2009 through 12-31-2010)
59. Go to the gym 3 times/week for one month
60. Go to the gym 4 times/week for one month
61. Buy new running shoes
62. Run/walk a 5K with husband
63. Walk around Town Lake
64. Get a new primary care physician
65. Make a change in my hairstyle/color
66. Wear makeup everyday for two weeks
67. Go to the dentist
68. Go to the eye doctor
69. Order new contacts
70. Wear contacts everyday for two weeks
71. Research and buy new foundation
72. Bake a tres leches cake
73. Bake panetone
74. Take a sushi class
75. Bake a chocolate cake
76. Make 15 new recipes, not including the ones listed here specifically (15/15)
77. Eat at the Salt Lick
78. Find the best burger in Austin
79. Try ten new restaurants (10/10)
80. Take a CM cooking class
81. Attend Taste of Austin
82. Visit one new restaurant during Austin's restaurant week
83. Make empanadas
84. Host a New Year's Eve party
85. Celebrate husband's 40th b-day

86. Celebrate my 30th b-day
87. Join a committee and remain active for one year
88. Go to the pool 30 times (5/30)

89. Watch 30 new movies (30/30)
90. See a movie at the IMAX
91. Watch the bats at Congress Avenue
92. Ride in a hot air balloon
93. Go to a San Antonio Spurs game
94. Get new driver's license
95. Go to a major league baseball game
96. Rent a boat and go on the lake
97. See the Alamo
98. Ride down the San Antonio riverwalk
99. Ride the Austin Steam Train
100. Go to Zilker Park Christmas light display
101. Get a new cell phone

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