Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#66: Wear makeup everyday for two weeks

Started: 11-12-2008
Completed: 12-05-2008

This was put on the list because I was feeling that dreaded slip into frump-land. You know, where you go to bed without washing your makeup off, wander around half of the weekend without washing your hair and in your pjs-- all of which is fine, or even celebrated, as long as you don't make it more of a habit than a one off sort of thing?

I knew that it was becoming more of "A" and less of "B" when the Husband started joking that work got the nicely polished me and he got the sweatpants-ed me. Oops.

Thus, the challenge to wear a full face of makeup (not the half done powder-and-mascara routine) for two full weeks.

I did it. And, although I don't think I'll keep up the full face of makeup thing, I'm definitely making an effort to give the Husband more of the nicely polished me.

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Shannon said...

Funny, the similarity to my New Year's resolution last year. To make an effort on my appearance every day despite working from home. At least to be wearing something un-P.J.-like and be wearing makeup before A gets home. Trust him to routinely get home at 10 pm (later lately)...I feel like I'm wishful makeuping!