Monday, March 23, 2009

::whine:: and a weekend review-ish

Do you ever have those days where everything is a gosh darn challenge?

That was (is?) me today. Getting out of bed was a challenge... putting on makeup/fixing my hair/finding a stoopid outfit was a challenge... trying to pack lunch and pour myself a glass of milk was practically insurmountable...

I was pooped before I even got into my car for the super-fun commute. By the time I sat down at my desk, I was ready to throw in the towel and call it a day.

Meh. Tomorrow will be better and then it will practically be Friday again. Optimism. I haz it.

This weekend was nice. I got a haircut for the first time in, like, 6 months. The stylist showed me a couple fast and easy ways to pull my hair up/back, instead of the oh-hai-I'm-still-16-do-you-like-my-messy-bun look.

People wonder why, at 29 and well-entrenched in a professional position, I still keep my hair long. The answer is this: I can go 6 months between "trims" and no one is the wiser.

After that much needed visit to the trimmery, I stopped at a locally famous cupcakery to sample the goods. I picked up one red velvet and one dark chocolate cupcake. Color me unimpressed. The frostings had a weird chemical consistency and the cake parts were dry. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to convince The Husband that I could sell better cupcakes for $2.50 and make us one hundred meeellion dollahs.

The effort was unsuccessful. Alas.

We watched Atonement (two-thumbs up, even from The Husband who moaned "Is this going to be like The English Patient or Pride and Prejudice?") and updated our bracket-thingees.

Surprisingly, I managed to pick all the sweet sixteen teams correctly, even with an upset or two in the first round (I'm looking at you,Wake Forest!). Which almost makes up for the tragic losses of Venezuela and the USA in the World Baseball Classic. Almost.


Shannon said...

The only good reason to cut your hair short is if you have a child always pulling on it or if you like it short. Age has nothing to do with it. As long as your long hair is healthy, assume all detractors are simply jealous. :)

Circe said...

You liked Atonement??

I hated that movie. There was no friggin atonement!!

And you people with straight hair you can go without cutting for 6 months..yeah, ya piss me off just a wee bit.

I went 4 months without a hair cut and I looked like a trolldoll...