Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Review

Friday night-- Baseball game, Round Rock Express vs. Albuquerque Isotopes. It was a quick one with only, like, 13 hits. Quite a difference from recent games, one of which had 34 hits. Holy moly. (PS- everytime I hear Albuquerque, I think of Buggs Bunny. Silly me.)

Saturday-- Gym, washed the Husband's car (I tried to surprise him, but he woke up while I was searching for his keys) and then made banana cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache. Ooof. I cannot ever make these again, unless we're having people over. I made 16 cupcakes (modified a banana bread recipe, hence the odd count) and there are only 2 left. We're equally guilty on this one. Watched Hellboy II and Burn After Reading. I'm a sucker for Guillermo del Toro's work, but this movie (Hellboy II) was blah blah blah. Burn After Reading was better but very typical of the Cohen brothers-- you know, where you're simultaneously laughing and saying "What the heck?!"

Sunday-- Slept in, yay. Also, seized upon by the organization monster, decided to rearrange my entire kitchen. Every drawer and cabinet got cleaned out and re-organized, including the pantry. I should take pictures. They are all beautimous. I kept dragging the Husband away from the New Zealand/Spain game to look at my progress, lol. Nothing says love like, "Honey, honey. Come look at what I did to the everyday silverware drawer!"

Speaking of the Husband, he surprised me with the crown molding for the entire 1st story to la Casita. In the midst of my kitchen re-organization project, he says to me (unbathed and still in my pjs at 1:30pm, glamorous) "I'm going to go help H with some things and then he's coming here to watch the game." To which I promptly freaked out: "Kitchen = mess, Me = mess, no food for guests, ahhhhhh!"

Guess who was sufficiently humbled when they came home carting all that lovely crown molding?

Um yeah, me. Wife FAIL.


CaneWife said...


Patty Ann said...

haha, awesome! i freak out when things are a mess too, and yeah there would be nothing left of those cupcakes in my home.

ashley-cita said...

I can't wait until it gets put up! Squeee- it'll look so verra awesome indeed.

Lesson learned on the cupcakes. Geezum.

linknblogs said...

What a nice surprise! I had a similar experience when my husband and I were remodeling our kitchen when he too surprised me with some beautiful crown molding. That turned into a two month surprise! When we finally got it all installed, though, it was beautiful and well worth all the effort! Happy remodeling!

Children of the Nineties said...

Ooh you should post this cupcake recipe. It sounds amazing!

Circe said...

Lots of love on the Crown molding. I dig.