Friday, July 3, 2009

Cocktails for the weekend!

Full disclosure: The Husband and I belong to Domaine Chandon's wine club, so every month we get two of their wines delivered to our door. No, it's not free, but I am totally biased in favor of pretty much all their wines. Just sos yous knows.

A couple days ago, the Chandon Club on Twitter sent me a little link featuring some new cocktail recipes that I hadn't seen yet. Coooool, huh?

Well, I asked them if I could share and they said yes, so here it is! Just for y'all. ;-)

Domaine Chandon's Cocktail Party Drink Recipes

Now get out there and kick off your weekend in style!


smile steady said...

Wine club? I'm so jealous. I was reading another blogger the other day who is in a shoe club- where she gets new shoes each month. Where do I find all the cool clubs?

ashley-cita said...

A shoe club?! Shut. Up. That could be more dangerous than a wine club.

The Husband and I went out to Napa Valley and liked these wines so much that we joined up right then. So, the short answer is make your husband take you to Napa ;-)