Friday, July 24, 2009

My bookmarks runneth over

**Before I get into the massive state that is my "read later" bookmark folder... Is anyone else having issues with Google Reader? It tells me that there's nothing new to read, but if I go to people's blogs/sites directly, I find there's plenty new to read. I guess I'll be calling Obama about this.**

Everyone has a catalog of saved links and sites, right? Over there, to the left of my interwebz browser, I have this handy dandy list of electronic folders saving (nearly) everything on the intertubes that I, for whatever reason, needed to keep just in case it was needed later.

(Side note: I'm a saver. Left to my own devices, I would save everything I could. It drives The Husband crazy, but I just cannot yet shred the record of that bank account I had for one summer in Orlando... nearly 10 years ago... I may neeeeed it one day. Totally not rational, I know, but as soon as that paper gets within 6 inches of the shredder my left eye starts twitching and back in the file cabinet it goes.)

That should be enough crazy for one day, but we're not quite done yet. ;-)

As I saved two new links to articles into my "Read later" (descriptive, no?) folder, it occured to me that maybe it was time to clean that sucker out.

40 links, y'all. Enough articles and how-tos and catalogs and product sites to keep one busy for the better part of a rainy afternoon.

What's so important that I need to "read later"? Apparently, a wide variety of things:
-- 101 uses for vinegar
--GoWear Fit and BodyBugg comparison

--Informal class catalog at UT
--"Why I'm a dad who's a stickler about my kids' grammar."
--The diagnostic madness of DSM-V
--How Lance Armstrong is like Sarah Palin, but in spandex, and
--A recipe for red velvet pound cake (why this is in the "read later" category and not "recipes" I'm not sure)

Do y'all keep anything like this? How does one keep it from getting out of control?


pinksundrops said...

Your list cracks me up and tempts me to make my own just to see how ridiculous it is. I am SUCH a saver. Lately I've been taking pictures of things and then throwing them away. That way, at least I have a digital copy in case I need it ; ) .

pinksundrops said...

PS Google reader used to do that to me way back when. I use bloglines nowadays. Speaking of bloglines, I bloglined you. So fun to discover another blogger in town! I just checked to make sure you were part of the Austin bloggirls group and yay! you are.

ashley-cita said...

That looks so cool! I'll have to join it later and play with it a bit to learn. Thanks!