Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm thisclose to taking my ball and going home.

Dear Blogger and/or Google Gods and/or Lords of These Intertubez,

What the heck, man? We had a beautiful thing going, or so I thought. I signed in every morning, glanced through my blog reader, answered e-mails and then, every so often, contributed something semi-witty to this little blog.

But lately, you've been acting a little strange... dare I say, distant? A bit passive-agressive?

You deny me access, declaring my browser incompatable, or the interweb inaccessable... You give me only a few of the editing buttons, allowing me to type but not publish or type only in the font you like, or not make clickable links at all.

You fail to update the blog reader, so I don't know what all those other bloggers are saying the minute they're saying it and oh my dear lord, do you know what that's like in this age of instant gratification?!

And now, oh Lords of These Intertubez, you've gone and yanked my access to Facebook and Twitter.


I mean, SRSLY. It's as though you've read through the playbook of dysfunctional high school relationships, also known as: How to Get Her to Break-up With You in 5 Easy Steps.

It's cool if you need some time alone to figure things out. I just wish you were mature enough to just say it. Yeah, I went there.



PS- See you tomorrow? Maybe? Call me.


Rachel said...

LOL!! :)

My feelings at this very moment EXACTLY!! I am NOT surviving without twitter right now.

Patty Ann said...

That is too funny girl!