Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the interim, I present: my purse!

1 camera
1 memory stick reader/USB transfer drive
1 chapstick
1 lip pencil
2 lip glosses
1 lip balm
1 lip stain/stick
1 package of blotting papers
9 first aid related items, including but not limited to:
-shout wipe
3 highlighters:
-1 blue
-1 yellow
-1 pink
1 pencil
3 pens
1 flash drive
1 mini binder clip
1 necklace
1 hair barrette
1 pink birthday candle (slightly used)
1 driver’s license (class E)
4 coupons for 5 free wings at Plucker’s
1 parking stub (from December)
3 love notes from The Husband (awwww)
2 Visa gift cards (used)
2 Costco coupons (expired)
13 receipts (assorted)
1 Barnes and Noble gift card (not used—yet)
7 business cards (self)
4 business cards (others)
4 random notes to self
1 stack of sticky notes
$6.69 in change
$26 in cash

1 cell phone (answers to the name Louis)
1 wallet (answers to the name Bob)

In other news, I think I'm a pretty good bet for the next time you have a scavenger hunt.


Rachel said...

LOL nice!

Patty Ann said...

whoa dude!! you have tons and tons of stuff! you're like mary poppins :)

LawGirl said...

I just came across your blog and love it. I'm excited to be a new follower.

If you get a chance I hope you'll check out my blog, Stumbling in Stilettos (

Christy said...

left you a little something on my blog!