Friday, April 9, 2010

Did the dishes, made the bed, read a book I've never read




Anyone still out there? Maybe, possibly?

Y'all deserve an apology for my up and leaving without so much a nod on my way out the door. The thing is, though, that I don't think I ever intended to not return.

In fact, I *know* I didn't intend to not come back.

What happened was a confluence of things that all added up to no more blog posting.

Are they interesting things? Eh. Not so much but, in the interest of transparancy:
1) Evil IT overlords
2) Stubborn and evil Blogger
3) General evil employment malaise
4) Evil family health "emergency"
5) Evil and ancient laptop

So. Here we are.

I'm checking things off my 101 list still, and have a bit more than 1 year left to complete, oh, nearly all of them. (Good job, self.)

The Husband is still lovely and wonderful as ever. And, if you're following me on Twitter (which, really? You totally should.), then you know that we've been busily enjoying all that good ol' Central Texas has to offer.

Speaking of The Husband, I got a new laptop because he is just that awesome, so that helps resolve issues numbered 1 and 5. It's a little thing of beauty, and I definitely enjoy not waiting 30 minutes for the thing to *turn on* (yes, really).

Number 3 is just a continual work in progress and number 4 is a) beyond my control (serenity now) and b) improving everyday... which leaves us with number 2.

And number 2 is a discussion for another day... a day sooner rather than later.
Pinkie promise.


smile steady said...

You know- evil distractions get in the way sometimes. I totally understand! Glad you're back, though!

Rachel said...

We've missed you!

ashley-cita said...

Hi, gals!
Y'all make me smile. :-) See?