Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey Day Plans

Have I mentioned that Thanksgiving is my very most favorite holiday? Above Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (although they run a close 3rd and 2nd, respectively), New Year's Eve and even my birthday, Thanksgiving Day is simply the best.

This year, The Husband and I will be celebrating together and, even though it will be an intimate supper for two, you betcha this gal has got a plan of attack. Any excuse to draw up menus and timelines and serving plans, right?

I think we'll start the morning off with these Easy Cheese Danishes, a la Ina Garten. This was going to be a surprise for The Husband, but he reads this blog, soooo... (hi, hubby!)

The rest of the menu is part-traditional, part-let's-use-what's-in-the-fridge-and-avoid-the-crazies-at-the-grocery.

Roasted chicken (in lieu of turkey)
Stuffing (yes, I stuff, not dress, and I don't care to hear one word about it)
Mashed po-tah-toes
Sauteed spinach (in lieu of green beans)
Cranberry sauce (from the can, yes)
Wine (very necessary)

Speaking of wine, my mom has (had?) an apron, which I loved to wear while testing my baking skills in the kitchen as a youngster. It said "A Day Without Wine is Like A Day Without Sunshine." So. Mystery solved, I think. Also, Mom? I can haz that apron now, yes? Pretty please?

What are your plans for the big day? Big family celebration? Small dinner with your significant other?

Whatever they may be, I hope you have a wonderful and very Happy Thanksgiving.

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