Monday, November 17, 2008

#38: Decorate for Thanksgiving

Hobby Lobby. Pumpkins. Candles.

It turns out that, while I love Thanksgiving above all other holidays, I don't particularly care for "harvest" decor. How about that? I purchased these two pumpkin candle holders, but am still on the look out for other Turkey-day decor. Preferrably a door wreath or hanging and perhaps a decorative pillow... we shall see what I can find. Maybe a trip to Hallmark is in order?


Shannon said...

You know, those cinnamon brooms are genius for the door. Usually they can be found at grovery stores for 5 or 6 bucks. I add a red satin ribbon and voila! Thanksgiving decor done...that smells and looks Christmas-y enough to last me through the holiday season! If you have a wreath you prefer for Christmas, you can always substitute a rust or orange satin ribbon and change it out in December.

ashley-cita said...

Hiya, Shannon!
Thanks for the tip(s). I'll check for one of those brooms. :-)