Monday, November 24, 2008

#78: Find the best burger in Austin (in progress)

The Husband and I moved to Austin in 2003, after living in New Orleans for 7 years or so. New Orleans is a foodie sort of place. Only once can I remember having a bad meal in those seven years... from something as decadent as a many coursed meal to something as simple as a sno-ball from a street vendor, New Orleans is just like that.

Naturally, after seven years, The Husband and I had things figured out. The best burgers in NOLA was just one of them. Now that we don't live there anymore, we had to find a new "best" burger in our new hometown. Voila: #78.

There are a few components to what, exactly makes for a good burger: the bun, the toppings (or not), the meat. The meat, in my opinion, is the most important and we like our burgers medium rare. If we can't customize how undone we're getting our burger, then you're pretty much out of consideration. Sorry.

These are where we've taste tested the burgers so far (in no particular order):
1. Hut's Hamburgers
2. The Dell Diamond
3. Phil's Icehouse
4. Waterloo Icehouse
5. Martin's Kum-Bak, aka Dirty's
6. Cain and Abel's

As you can see, we're fairly equal opportunity when it comes to burger joints. I have my favorite in mind, and I'm sure The Husband does, too. There's a couple more Austin-y places that we should try before declaring the winner, though, so if you know of one, please let me know in the comments.

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rootsandrings said...

Huts for sure! Sometimes I dream about Huts burgers!