Wednesday, May 27, 2009

#79: Try 10 new restaurants COMPLETE!

Started: 11-21-08
Completed: 05-26-09

1. Carmelo's
2. Austin Java
3. Scholz Garten
4. Exotic Thai
5. Sullivan's Steakhouse
6. Maudie's TexMex
7. Corazon
8. Aquarelle
9. El Greco Greek Taverna
10. Fino


Christy said...

yum Maudie's, which one did you go to?

ashley-cita said...

Ah... The one near the Randalls and Lyons Golf Club?
It was bitty, but their enchiladas were super yummy!

Christy said...

ah, haven't been to that one ... usually go to the one on 360 since it's a little closer to us (has a nice view too). Now I'm wanting to go, hopefully there will be mango margaritas in my near future!

Circe said...

Damn, you guys eat out a lot.

ashley-cita said...

Nah. I usually cook at home, actually. 1/2 of those would still be new to the Husband, since they were work meals with zee BossLady.

The great ones, though, were splurges to spoil Y.