Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summary Judgment Filed in Newcomb/Tulane case

I know... 3 blog posts in one day...

this just came through my e-mail and I think it's timely and important to share.

Here's a quick summary:
1) Newcomb and Tulane are involved in a lawsuit regarding a bequest made more than 100 years ago
2) The side representing the Newcomb interest filed a motion called a "summary judgment" asking the courts to rule in favor of Newcomb based on a few uncontested facts (this means make a ruling without a trial/hearing... from my very limited understanding of the court system) The Husband tells me that although the summary judgment requests a ruling, the opposing side can submit their response and a hearing can be called to resolve it... slightly different that how I originally presented it here. Apologies for any misinformation.
3) Basically (oh so very basically) the request says that Tulane accepted the terms of the bequest more than 100 years ago and acted in good faith fulfulling the terms of said bequest, and thus, Tulane has a responsibility to continue those terms (reinstate Newcomb College as a degree granting educational institution)

At any rate, it's an interesting step in the legal process and I'll be very interested to see the outcome.

The Future of Newcomb College

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Circe said...

I so want Tulane to lose...

Newcomb lives...