Monday, December 15, 2008

#67: Go to the dentist

Completed: 12/12/08

Since moving away from home, I've had a sort of revolving door with dentists. Due to frequently changed insurance policies (and other circumstances), it's been difficult to A) find a dentist I liked as much as my hometown dentist and B) stay with that dentist. In the past 3 years, I've seen 4 different dentists. All left me rather underwhelmed in terms of their service and bedside manner.

I made this part of my 101 list because I hoped to finally find one that I could stick with for more than one cleaning. Alas, all the offices that people recommended were either A) not accepting new patients or B) not on my insurance plan.

So, I went back to a dentist that I first saw when we moved to Austin. One that the Husband has seen ever since his first visit. (Clearly, he is not as high maintenance as yours truly.)

I'll continue to go to this dentist. They're fine, really.

(Yeah, so that doesn't exactly sound like a glowing review, but how much can one say about their dentist? My teeth! They're clean! Wheee! The end.)

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