Thursday, February 5, 2009

Open Letters

Dear Fellow Commuters,
Causing an accident just wastes more time. Tomorrow, how about you leave thirty minutes earlier?

You're welcome in advance.


Dear Office Co-inhabitants,
The coffee maker requires one and a half packets of coffee to make decent (i.e. not coffee-colored water).

Hope this helps!



Dear Tulane University,
Until this lawsuit with the Newcomb decendents is settled, you won't be getting one Canadian penny from me. And, once the ink is dried, if the verdict is not in favor of reinstating my beloved college, I still may not feel very warm-and-fuzzy towards you.

So stop calling me.

Best regards,

1 comment:

Circe said...

A big F-U! to Tulane!!

They aren't getting my money either.

Not that I have any.