Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thanks a bunch, CBS Sunday Morning!

This past Sunday, I was watching Sunday Morning on CBS when this piece, COLD FACTS ABOUT ICE CUBES, aired.

"Ice cubes," you say, "what is so interesting about ice cubes?"

Honestly, not much. But, they showed a bar which serves its drinks with 2x2 inch ice cubes. So cool.

Now I want an ice cube tray that will make 2x2 inch ice cubes and I cannot find one. Sad.

Mini-ice cubes (like, 90 per tray) are apparently rather poopular but I do not want those piddling, common, booooring mini-ice cubes. I want big, one-per-glass-is-plenty, evenly-cubed ice cubes. Please.

Someone make this happen, m'kay?


Shannon said...

This is as close as I found: 1.5" square ice cubes

Shannon said...

Let's try that again...

ashley-cita said...


That's close enough!

Thanks, Shannon! :-)