Tuesday, May 19, 2009

#24: Paint living room

Completed: 04-12-09

In doing this 101 list, I'm learning quite a bit about myself. For example, I've learned that I am terrible at taking "before" shots of any painting/decoration projects.

How is that possible? Even if we hadn't lived in our wee house for more than 2 years now and even if we hadn't had several get togethers (with photo ops), one would think that one could just snap a few photos before commencing with the painting.

One would think.

Next time, I'll be sure to take a few "before" shots in advance of the change.

The colors we chose are Sherwin-Williams Clary Sage (living room) and Softened Green (alcove), SW 6177 and SW 6178, respectively. Here are the afters:

Two tones in the half-bath alcove. I'm adventurous!

My momma sent me these tulips for Easter because I'm her favorite she loves me. Awwww.


smile steady said...

It's lovely! And so are the tulips!

Christy said...

love the color of the bath!

ashley-cita said...

Awww! Thanks, y'all :-)
I meant to grab the color swatches this morning, but forgot in the rush.

I'll update the post with the colors... tomorrow? maybe?

Circe said...

I like the crossed out "I'm her favorite."