Friday, May 8, 2009

She finally found me...

My good friend, Miss Circe, finally put two and two together and found mah blog.

And now she's gone through and left some very funny comments. Which, of course, meant that I needed to leave some brief retorts. Which resulted in me laughing quite literally out loud before 8:00am.

No small feat, I tell you.

Miss Circe is (ready for this?) my grand-big-sis from my sorority days. She and I made quite a team: terrorizing the not-so-smart young men of NOLA, enjoying daiquiris on the banks of the levee, watching movie marathons with sushi or pizza in her basement apartment. Oh, and she was also one of the few to stand by my side at my wedding to The Husband.

I may or may not pay her vast sums of hush money to keep our shenanigans quiet.

She's finishing up a tough semester in grad school, which is why she couldn't find my ramblings until now. Temporarily reduced brain power via finals, who hasn't been there?

Go give her a looksie. She's also a Tulane/Newcomb grad, is able to intelligently discuss politics and takes some lovely photos when she's not elbows deep in school.

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