Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Further proof that we're not totally sane

Which, really, isn't a bad thing because then we'd miss out things like this...

The backstory:
A few days ago, The Husband mentioned that he'd been reading this old issue of Texas Monthly highlighting the best BBQ joints across Texas... and that one of them is just an hour or so away... and it's the #1 BBQ place in Texas... and we should go try it sometime.

Little did he realize that I heard this: "Hey, let's go there and get some yummy yummy brisket this weekend."

Friday evening, at the baseball game, I used his handy dandy iPhone to read that A) this place is only open on Saturdays, B) they open at 8:00am and C) they sell out of brisket within 90 minutes of opening and the rest of the good stuff before noon.

Friday evening, driving home from said baseball game, I share this newly acquired info with The Husband and we decide A) we'd need to get up around 5:30am to beat those brisket thieves and B) we can drive home with the food and eat it later because who wants BBQ before noon?

And so, yours truly found herself primped with contacts *and* makeup in a sundress headed out to Lexington, Texas for BBQ at 6:28am on a Saturday. The Husband was gracious enough to handle the driving.

A full review of the absolutely-totally-worth-it joint to come later, with pictures, I promise.

For now:
1) We were not the first in line, even though we arrived at 7:45-ish
2) The new definition of torture is riding shotgun for an hour and 45 mins (give or take) with enough smoked meats to feed a football team *and not being able to eat any of it*!
3) We most certainly ate our fill of brisket, pork butt, chicken, potato salad and coleslaw (and a beer each) well before noon... and then went back to bed. I mentioned the 5:30am-thing, right?

Thus kicked off our new quest. Henceforth to be known as "The Great BBQ Hunt of 2009."

Good thing I've headed back to the gym.

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smile steady said...

haha... that's great! I'm looking forward to the pictures.