Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Garbanzo Bean Salad: featuring the worst food picture ever!

I am admittedly terrible at recording my recipes. When any of my friends ask me for a copy of the recipe I used for X, Y, Z the response is usually this: "I... uh... well, I think I used... no. That's not right. Huh. What did I put in there?"

On the off chance I actually remember the ingredients, I'll be hard pressed to remember the amounts of them. Ooops.

However! When prepping for our little "Splash, Sip & See!" party, I needed to gather the ingredients for my garbanzo bean salad, thus, for the first time ever, writing down all the ingredients for a recipe that I made up! Hizzah! Progress!

This salad is best made a couple days before you plan to serve it and is so very perfect for a hot summer day. It doesn't last in our house very long, either, because someone (me) eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Garbanzo Bean Salad:
2 cans of garbanzo beans/chickpeas (unsalted, preferred)

1 can of artichoke hearts
1 jar of roasted red peppers
1/2 jar of garlic stuffed green olives
Cherry tomatoes (as many or as few as you like)
Extra virgin olive oil
Squeeze of lemon juice (to taste)
Salt and pepper (to taste)

1. Rinse the garbanzo beans and place in a medium sized bowl (you want enough room to stir/mix the ingredients)
2. Quarter the artichoke hearts and add to the garbanzo beans
3. Rinse the roasted red peppers, and cut/slice into 1.5 inch pieces. Add to the bowl.
4. Cut the olives: first in half and then slice. Add to bowl.
5. Cut the cherry tomatoes to whatever size you like. I like them halved then sliced like the olives. Add to bowl.
6. Add a generous turn or two of olive oil around the bowl.
7. A squeeze of lemon to taste.
8. Salt and pepper to taste.
9. Stir, chill for at least a few hours, and
10. Enjoy!

Sorry for the terrible photo. It tastes waaaaay better than this picture looks!

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Rachel said...

YUM! Sounds awesome! I love Garbanzo beans! I'll have to try this one! Tonight hopefully! I already have a bunch of garbanzo cans at home! :)