Monday, June 29, 2009

Hypocrisy, thy name is Ashley-cita

Well, y'all. It's happened. After resisting and out-and-out refusing to get on board, Ashley-cita's joined not just Facebook... noooooo... if you're going to do a thing, best to do it all the way.

Thus, I introduce to you Ashley-cita on
Facebook *and* Twitter.

Over there to the right, you'll find a little feed of my ::sigh:: tweets. I'll get a badge for Facebook up as soon as the stoopid thing starts cooperating. 5 attempts to get it on here reconfims my initial feeling about Facebook-- it is the debil.

Come on and join me. Be mah friend on Facebook, follow me on Twitter. It'll be fun, I promise!


Christy said...

welcome to the dark side! ;)

ashley-cita said...

Ha! I'm still waiting for my dark side cookies. They better be chocolate chip ;-)