Saturday, June 20, 2009

The prodigals return to NOLA- day one

After an eventful arrival and a few hours without our luggage, the Husband acquiesced and gave the control of our first day to me. Oh, the joy, the glee, the fabulousness of being in control! Hai, welcome to my bloggy-blog, I am a control freak as you shall learn when you stick around.

Yay, very-good-hubby!

Naturally, the first thing a gal wants when she returns to the Crescent City are beignets. And the bestest beignets come from Cafe du Monde. Naturally.

::ahem:: Blogspot, 'sup? Let me upload my peeectures, darn it. Grrrr...

Okay. Maybe we're back. Maybe we even have pictures.

We do! We do have pictures! Hurrah! Hello, Husband. Also, Cafe du Monde.
We skipped the line using an old trick I learned as a college student. The place was packed, as per usual, but I found a table for us right away. Good thing, too, because *someone* told me later that he was prepared to put his foot down if we had to wait in that line. But I won't say who.

Definitely not this guy. Nuh-uh. Look how happy he is with our wee plate of beignets and his orange juice. How can you not love that face?

And, speaking of happy... Cafe au lait: check. Hot beignets: check. Copious amounts of powdered sugar: check. Empty belly: not for long!
Verra happy Ashley-cita: check, checkity-check.

Next up in our series: the French Market, a silver guy and mas!

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