Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Splash, Sip and See! (the plan)

Party: Splash, Sip and See!
A spin-off on the popular "sip and see" parties hosted to introduce family and friends to the newest member of the family (read: baby), I decided to extend the concept to include a pool party (hence, the "splash") for our friends to meet-and-greet the Husband's sister and kiddos during their visit.

Place: our community's pool
Easy peasy set-up and plenty of things to do. Cover for those who shy away from the Texas sun and room to spread out for everyone.

Timing: Early afternoon next Sunday
Early afternoon means brunch food and drinks (wheeeee!), and it means that we'll all have plenty of time to relax in the evening and prep for Monday.

Easy cheese danishes
Tri-berry muffins*
Sandwich buffet
Deviled eggs

Garbanzo bean salad
Key lime pie, and
Lemon cupcakes
Yum! The * designates items that I'm still on-the-fence about.

Mimosas (orange and lemon)
Juice boxes for the kids, and
Ice water
Our guests have also been asked to BYOB anything that they prefer to drink, too.


Christy said...

sounds like fun! lemon cupcakes - yum!

Ashley said...

sounds like a fantastic event!

smile steady said...

How fun! What's sad is that I saw the word "brunch" and immediately wondered if there would be mimosas. You never fail me.

Katie said...

What a great idea! I love the name and the theme and the menu looks delicious!