Tuesday, May 25, 2010

101 in 1001 Update; One year to go!

Wow. One year to complete The List. ::cough::

365 days to finish ::checks list:: 65 tasks. Or else some lucky non-profit will get a neither-underweight-yet-not-obese check for $325.

Let’s have a look at what has been accomplished.

I’ve been awfully busy in the Body, Food and Social categories. Only #89 (Join a committee and stay active for 1 year) remains in Social. Food has 7 out of 13 tasks remaining (#75, 77, 78, 80, 81, 83 and 85). And Body clocks in with 3 out of 14 remaining (#60, 61 and 72). One could infer this to mean I’m a body conscious, social, food-loving person. Possibly.

Where am I lacking? Travel (3/11), Home (6/21), Love (0/7), Mind (2/10) and that miscellaneous category, Other (3/12). I’m not going to draw a conclusion towards my personality from that. So there.

The Financial category is so-so (3/8).

As per usual, it appears I may have over-reached. I tend to not take into consideration the little things, like the fact that the 9 to 5 leaves an embarrassingly small amount of “fun time," or fiscal constraints. Perhaps I should add “learn how to make reachable goals” on the next 101 list.

Yes, I’ll probably do another 101 list after this one ends. I’m a weirdo like that.

Alright, 65 not-yet-completed-tasks. It’s you and me, buddy. Let’s go!


smile steady said...

I think a year is PLENTY of time!

(except for maybe that join and stay in a committee for a year thing)

Go get 'em, Tiger!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

HEY! Just stumbled upon your lovely blog...not sure what The List is, but I can already tell I like it!! Where's the original post? Would love to see.