Monday, May 17, 2010

So, you wanna have a crawfish boil?

I was hesitant to say anything, in case one of the many key ingredients fell through, but now that we have a massive stock-pot chilling in our garage and Exxxtra Spicy boil mix, I'm feeling fairly confident that this party is a go.

Oh. And I already sent out the invitations, soooo...

We're kinda committed.

What have The Husband and I learned thus far?

1) There is a fierce fight over purging crawfish with salt vs without salt. No one can exactly tell me the pros of with salt (so far) but the cons are, apparently, that you'll end up with a bunch more dead bugs.

2) An 80 qt pot is tres large. Like, you could bathe a baby, and maybe a small toddler, in it large.

3) A hard plastic baby pool is a rare commodity. Who knew inflatables are taking over the world?

4) Everyone and their brother has a different cooking time for the crawfish. A gazillion years of cooking these things and no one has a set standard. Guessing the "done" time for a few mudbugs is more challenging than cooking a Thanksgiving Day turkey.

5) Finding the best place to provide your little crustaceans is tantamount to coordinating the invasion of a small country. You'll be negotiating the price per pound, the delivery time and site, the grade of your bugs and whether or not they come pre-purged.

And, we're still a bit more than one week out. Phew.

Of course, this will all be worth it once we're elbows deep in some delicious crawfish with all our favorite sides. Nom!


CaneWife said...

This is hilarious!

I couldn't find a hard plastic baby pool anywhere this year. Why is that?

The Pittman's said...

Oh that sounds delicious! I'd kill for a good crawfish boil.

smile steady said...

Oh man... I haven't been to a crawfish boil in FOREVER! What a fun idea!

ashley-cita said...

I'm hope-hoping it all ends well.
And, if not, there's always beer, right? Right?

CW-- I read that the hard plastic pools are just not being made much anymore. ::shrug:: I think it's odd. And you should have seen me explaining to The Husband exactly what is a "hard plastic baby pool."