Sunday, October 17, 2010

#61: Walk around Town Lake COMPLETED

Completed: 10-17-10
Yesterday, after working my organization's conference, I told The Husband that I wanted to take him on a date. A surprise date. Which, historically, involves one of us sneakily getting the other to do something that the other would not typically be interesting in doing.

Like, eating ice cream at Amy's... or... well, getting out of the house early on a Sunday morning.

So, on Sunday, The Husband and I drove downtown, made a pit stop at Austin Java and went for a little walk around Town Lake. Oh, pardon me. Lady Bird Lake.

Does anyone actually call it Lady Bird Lake? Not meaning any disrespect to Ms. Lady Bird Johnson herself, rest her soul, but I think most people (Yelp included) still consider and may always consider it Town Lake.

Anyway. Walking around Town Lake was a nice thing for The Husband and I to do this morning. We walked and talked. Chatting about the last week and the upcoming week. Appreciating the good company and lovely scenery.

And, it gave me a new way to see our city-- one that I, honestly, never have the opportunity to view. Out of my car, away from the traffic. Out of my office, on the ground instead of above it.

Nothing like a change in perspective to make you ready for the week ahead.


The Pittman's said...

I will never get used to Lake Lady Bird or whatever. It's Town Lake to me...

GAH. I miss Austin.

Rachel said...

Good for you girly! :) Glad to see you're still going at the list! I haven't updated my progress in a while, but I'm looking forward to doing so soon. :)