Monday, January 26, 2009

#89: Watch 30 new movies

Completed: 01-25-09

1. Charlie Wilson's War

2. The Good German
3. Max Payne
4. 10,000 B.C.
5. Closer
6. Au Revoir Les Enfants
7. Innocent Voices
8. Roots
9. I am Legend
10. Rumor Has It
11. 27 Dresses
12. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
13. El Orfanato
14. WALL-E
15. 21
16. What Have I Done to Deserve This
17. Quantum of Solace

18. Run Fatboy Run
19. The Verdict
20. Kite Runner
21. A Good Year
22. Leatherheads
23. Hancock
24. Tropic Thunder
25. Get Smart
26. Iron Man
27. Batman: The Dark Knight
28. Juno
29. Moliere
30. Gone Baby Gone


Circe said...

I have seen 19 of these and I wasn't even trying.

I think I need to do something other than watch television.

ashley-cita said...

El oh el. We do watch alot of movies anyway, so this wasn't a big reach.

However, now that the event is over, I need to read more books.

At this point for you, I imagine that is just about the last thing you want to do. After finals I always bought a bunch of fashion magazines and just flipped through the pretty glossy pages-- with not a thought in my head. Blissful.