Tuesday, January 20, 2009

#23: Paint Kitchen

Completed: 01-19-09
The perfect way to spend a long weekend: painting the kitchen. Of course, the Husband may disagree, but after he declined my suggestion to drive down to San Antonio, how could he refuse?

Not a great picture of me nor of the kitchen, but it's what I have available right now for a "before" shot. Lookie at the "Newlywed Nude" walls.

And here's after:


Circe said...

I think my sister did her bathroom that color. It doesn't look nearly as good on her bathroom walls.

How does it look with all your red stuff?

ashley-cita said...

Not bad, surprisingly. I was afraid that it would veer into fast-food-land, but it didn't.

The color (which is Sherwin-Williams "Adventure Orange" btw) changes with the light in the room. So, it can go from a brighter orange in daylight to a soft almost cantalope color in the evening.

Try saying "Adventure Orange" without using an announcer voice and adding a dun-dundun-duuuuuunnnnnn after it. Go on, try it. Can't do it, can you?