Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictures (attempt 2)

Here's an exhibition game being played at the Round Rock Express Open House. They used replica uniforms from the 1860s (I think) and followed the rules from then, too. The ball is called the "rock" and a player is not "out," he is "dead." Wonder why they changed that?

And here's The Husband with the Express cow, signed by Nolan Ryan. He was being very patient with me this day, lol.

After all that excitement, we went to the Austin Rodeo! Horses and cattle and goats, oh my!

What exactly does "please make sure the sign is in the shot" mean to you? Oh well, at least it's a fairly cute picture of us. It was rather windy and chilly that day, although the sun was out and beautiful.

Here's my city boy looking at these two big ol' cows. I think this was the first time he had been so close to cattle.

And here's my favorite cow at the exhibit. Isn't she purty?

We also watched the goat judging competition, but all my photos of that are blurry. Those little goats move fast, I guess.

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