Thursday, May 28, 2009

Restaurant Review: FINO

I chose this restaurant for the Husband's birthday dinner based on a great review from my boss. She has fabulous taste, so I knew that it wouldn't disappoint. And, after making the reservation, the Austin Chronicle named FINO one of the best restaurants in Austin! (2nd best only to Uchi which, believe me, is definitely deserving of the #1 spot.)
FINO from the outside.
Amuse bouche with an aperitif. The aperitif was very herbal tasting, but light and rather complementary to the cool pepper and zucchini/squash salad.

Our first small plate appetizer: fried goat cheese (in a tempura batter) with honey and an red onion relish. Also pictured: un pequito botella de vino. Fab.

Our second small plate: crab and avocado bruchetta. Cool, creamy... what's not to love?

The Husband chose the lamb for his entree. Delicioso! It was served with a roasted red pepper sauce, green beans and feta.

And, I had the roasted chicken breast served over cous-cous with a lemony yogurt sauce. Oh em gee. So good.

We finished off our meal with the much lauded meyer lemon tart, served with fresh blackberries and a blackberry and basil sorbet.

FINO: four very enthusiastic thumbs up.


Christy said...

this looks fantastic. I'm adding it to my must-go list!

ashley-cita said...

It's really good... you won't be disappointed.

They have an amazing cocktail menu, too, but we weren't able to partake in any of that-- this time ;-)

Rachel said...

It looks delicious! Wow I haven't had a meal like that in a while! The crab & avocado look incredible!

Hope you had a great time!

Circe said...